As we launch our new blog, we’re starting what’s probably going to be the most exciting, action-packed two months in VIPER history. More information will be coming out in the next few weeks, but here’s a preview of coming attractions:

  • A new operations module, which allows VIPER users to save the sales version of their narrative and costing, and begin working on a new version, saving all of the changes to the event that are made during the planning and operations process.  Also, being able to manage vendors and their insurance data.
  • Our new HQ dashboard functionality, designed especially for multi-office DMCs. This tool gives managers a view into how well the company is progressing toward its goals, and which offices are doing best.  Full of beautiful charts and graphs.
  • Something interesting involving surveys
  • A new tool that helps our customers with something that everyone has told us is a top priority: generating leads. This one could be an industry-changer.  Stay tuned.