While we’ve been creating eventRFP and rolling out a substantial new VIPER release (coming soon), we’ve also been cooking up something new in the VIPER kitchen: surveys. We know that people across the meetings and events industry are always keen on getting feedback on their events, and for years, we’ve used a variety of tools, many of them free, to collect survey results. But while tools like Surveymonkey have become more feature-rich, their free offerings have become more stingy. Nowadays, if you want to send a survey to more than 100 people or want to ask more than ten questions, you’ll have to pay $200 per year. We thought that meetings and events industry people should be able to send out the occasional post-event survey, with no limitations on respondents or questions, for free.

We also recognize that preparing a good survey can be very time-consuming, and since there’s a lot of commonality between the surveys that we all send out, why don’t we build a library of common questions, and allow our users to draw upon them, to make getting up and running quicker?

So we’re proud to announce the impending release of VIPER surveys. Later this month, we’d like to put it into the hands of a select group of users to collect feedback, so if you read this blog, are a member of our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll be hearing about our beta test pretty soon, and we’d like you to sign up.

We’d also like you to think about standard questions you’d like to see in our library, and post your suggestions as a comment to this blog post. Please include the question, possible answers, and perhaps a question category that it might fit into.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss the VIPER surveys announcement, and you’re not already on our mailing list, join the list here.