Today is the culmination of many months of hard work from the entire VIPER team, and a major step forward in our quest to bring powerful automation tools to the meetings and events industry. We launch eventRFP!

Just over a month ago, we did our “provider launch,” opening eventRFP up for DMCs to enroll, in order to make sure that the service was useful from day one. We were asking providers to take a bit of a leap of faith, to join into a movement that wasn’t moving yet. To our great relief and excitement, we had many providers, large and small, join up during the pre-launch period, including some large global DMCs such as Ovation and Kuoni. If you go to eventRFP and browse the destinations, you’ll see that many providers have joined, and new ones are joining every day.

Now, we start a new chapter, as we’re going to be doing a weeks-long rolling launch of eventRFP, starting with a select group of trusted meeting planners that we’re reaching out to in the hopes that they’ll give us early feedback and help us guide both the product development and our promotional strategy.

I will also be putting a lot of effort into reaching out to our industry’s thought leaders, bloggers, the trade media, and other people who have reach and influence who can help us spread the word. We hope that anyone reading this can also help, by telling your friends.

Thanks to everyone who has made this eventRFP launch possible.