About a month ago, we started recruiting providers to eventRFP, and now we have a database of DMCs around the world who have made themselves available to receive the RFPs that meeting planners prepare. Last week, we launched eventRFP to the general public, and now we’re doing everything we can to spread the word and bring meeting planners to the platform. But the eventRFP of today is just the beginning.

We based eventRFP’s functionality on the experience and background of our founders and advisors, who have extensive experience in the meetings and events industry, but we recognize that we only represent a small slice of the vast pool of experience out there, and we want to tap into the industry’s thought leaders as we continue to expand eventRFP’s functionality and scope.

That’s why we’re gathering a panel of experienced meeting planners from different regions and organizations, so we can gather feedback, feature ideas, and other suggestions. We want you to join, and if you have friends or colleagues in the industry, please ask them to join too. We’ll be putting together some community tools in the future, but for now we’re just going to keep it simple. There are no obligations or inconveniences involved. You don’t have to formally join the panel. We simply want you to visit eventRFP, try it out, and give us your feedback and suggestions.

For a little orientation, we suggest:

  1. Visiting eventRFP/LearnMore to get a quick overview
  2. Creating an account
  3. Thinking about a future event that you’d like to get started working on, and typing the names of destinations that you’re considering into the search.
  4. Selecting the providers listed under that destination and including them into your eventRFP event workbook.
  5. Filling out the details of your upcoming event into the “Event Info” (with only as much detail as you feel is necessary)
  6. Sending the RFP to the providers you have selected.
  7. Exchanging messaged with the providers as necessary.
  8. Creating a new event record for a second upcoming event, and continuing the process.

If at any time, you feel that the experience could be improved, or you have any suggestions, complaints, or ideas, use the “contact us” link at the bottom of the page, or email me at david@vipeventresources.com. From among the people who submit comments and suggestions, we’ll contact you at some point in the future to see if you’re interested in being involved in a more formal community of experts, but for now, just try eventRFP and reach out to us with your comments.