Technology for DMCs: 
How Ovation found VIPER

As many of you know, VIPER began its humble roots within a DMC in Park City, UT.  That DMC still operates today and directly credits VIPER for winning them business time and time again.  However, it was Ovation, one of the world’s largest DMCs, that truly gave “wings” to VIPER and we began to soar.  Padraic Gilligan of Ovation believed in VIPER back in 2009 and continues to do so today.  He recently wrote about how Ovation found VIPER and simultaneously became our first and largest client:

“DMC activity involves multi-tasking more than any other aspect of the events business. Most of us bid for future business while simultaneously delivering live events. We have one eye on the future, another on the present and frequently need to gaze into the past too as we reconcile and close previous events. Since the internet revolution many of us have been dreaming of an IT solution that might pull all these disparate elements together. This is the story of how Ovation found a solution.

It was early AM in Fort Worth. Very early AM. However, jetlag ensured that I was well and truly awake. I’d be out walking already and had been first in line at the in-house Starbucks when it opened at 6am. I almost didn’t answer the guest room telephone when it rang. Who could possibly be calling me at this hour? The cheerful, avuncular voice was not American. We chatted amiably and easily. During the call I was asked whether I’d be interested in buying a destination management company in a US mountain resort. In the end I didn’t buy the DMC but I did end up buying a DMC software platform. That early AM call was my first contact with VIPER and, from the get-go, I was well and truly bitten.

Our Director of Operations Karine Buggy had been reviewing DMC software for about 6 months previously. All of the products that she looked at had strong merit but none quite nailed our needs. After she spoke with VIPER Karine called me and said “I think this is it”. Part of her enthusiasm stemmed from the obvious positive features of the software, part from the connection with Fiona Volmrich, the creator of VIPER. “It was developed by DMC people, not software engineers” was Karine’s take-away from her initial research and this fact remains the pivotal advantage of VIPER over any other product.

Three years later VIPER is deployed at over 15 Ovation sites around the world all under the watchful eye of Renato Grieco, our Director of Internal Services. Renato works closely with the VIPER team on a day-by-day basis to ensure that the product is working across all modules – CRM, RFP, Ops – as efficiently and effectively as possible. He is a super-user and knows his way around the system as well as he knows his native Biella. It has been revolutionary for Ovation both for its astonishing time-savings attributes (once you’ve invested the time to set it up properly) and its global dashboard reporting features. A fully costed and content rich RFP with all visual bells and audio whistles can be produced in less than 60 minutes and uploaded to the Cloud for review by the client. The VIPER team is at IMEXAmerica – if you’re a DMC, make sure you talk to them.”

Many thanks to Padraic, Patrick, Karine, and Renato at Ovation for the tremendous strength, support, and commitment they have given to VIPER over the past 3+ years.  To view the original post please visit  Also be sure to check out Padriac’s blog on a regular basis at, you’ll come away with an increased perspective and his fun writing style is sure to put a smile on your face!

If you would like to discover more about VIPER and all of its capabilities, please contact us at +1 435.214.3330 or email Scott Bierman, our Global Account Manager, at