VIP Event Resources, the team behind the industry leading destination management software VIPER, is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our blog. We will be regularly adding exciting and informative content about relevant industry news, VIPER product information and suggestions, and tips to help your business thrive within the evolving paradigm of the destination management industry.

The destination management and event planning industry is in a period of dynamic movement and change. The only way to succeed in this new landscape is to adapt to market shifts and adopt the necessary technological advances that will allow your business to be a contributing part to the leading edge of the industry.

The VIPER team is committed to driving the industry forward and helping businesses stay ahead of the curve, and we were recently honored to be mentioned in such a light on Padraic Gilligan’s blog about the destinations and meetings industry (5 Principles for Success in Destination Management). Padraic rightly identified the growing need for companies to be “better, faster, and cheaper” if they want to thrive in the years ahead.

The VIPER Industry Blog aims to keep you up to date with the relevant information about industry trends and products to help your business reach its full potential.


padraicino | 5 Principles for Success in Destination Management