Believe it or not, the destination management business isn’t always the most progressive or modernized industry out there. The days of typing out 50-page proposals and dropping them in the mailbox with VHS tapes for potential clients aren’t that far in the rear view. The fact is, professionals in all types of industries are making great leaps forward, and it’s time for DMCs, full-service resorts, and other companies involved in group travel events to do so as well.


But there’s opportunity growing from the stagnant corporate culture. The absence of widespread innovation leaves ample room for businesses to break through the noise and emerge as cutting edge organizations. A thorough revamp of a company’s image is one of the surest ways to gain a competitive advantage. This isn’t to say that all aspects of the status quo are archaic, but a huge part of working on the leading edge of the industry is looking the part.

Certainly image is important to any business, but when you work with people remotely it is especially so. You don’t get the chance to woo potential clients with posh offices, extravagant clothing, or a lineup of mannerly staff, so the work you produce is charged with defining the vast majority of your aesthetic. Planners judge providers largely based on the quality of their proposals and the efficacy of their channels of communication, and fortuitously there are tools at your disposal to help portray your business as having a modern, avant-garde vision. Lengthy documents produced with Microsoft Word and Excel may have been sufficient for quite some time, but new technology is available that allows your work to exist on an elevated plane. Comprehensive, fully featured, web-based platforms are becoming more common every day, and they will absolutely compare favorably to a pile of paper covered with heaps of canned text, grainy images, and spreadsheets.

In any industry, it is important to innovate to avoid precipitating or enabling inert trends. We’ve arrived in the digital age, and it’s time to meet the challenges associated with evolving market attitudes and trends with actions that get things done quickly and get them done well. Timeframes that were once considered impossibly constraining are quickly becoming the norm. The elegant standards of traditional excellence may never go out of style, but without a modern and innovative face, businesses appear to be losing ground and falling behind in a rapidly evolving marketplace. It’s time to adapt or perish.

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