Let’s face it, we all need more time. Trouble is we can’t save it up and use it when we need to, so we have to manage it the best we can. You can write yourself notes, adhere to strict schedules, or try to make do by stretching yourself thin, but there are better ways to deal with that ticking clock.

Nothing will replace the nuts and bolts of building relationships, running quality site inspections, doing research, and pounding the pavement — all of which are essential to running a successful DMC or any other entity involved in group travel. These are the vital components that make up the foundation of any customer-centric business that aims to flourish. They take real charisma, charm, energy, and effort, and they certainly demand significant human capital.

So how do companies adapt in a way that allows them to focus the bulk of their efforts on these critical elements rather than the plethora of mundane and repetitive — yet vitally important in their own right — administrative tasks? Fortunately, technology solutions have evolved to automate processes like bookkeeping, proposal building, business administration, and project planning. These new “digital assistants” enable you to focus your valuable human capital on the many crucial elements of the industry will never be automated – the ones that require real energy and passion.

To compete in the modern marketplace, businesses would be wise to adopt these automation tools so their staff can spend more time on the creative aspects of their work that really set businesses apart and help them thrive. Without keeping pace and adhering to modern industry shifts, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt on the fly and focus on the tasks that require human energy and initiative.

In a traditional cultural climate, like the one often displayed in the Group Travel and Events industry, it is often difficult for businesses to make the leap and look to new technological solutions that can really make a difference. But the time to adapt is now. Be cutting edge, be a trendsetter. Don’t get stuck trying to catch up after competitors have already moved forwards.

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