Many Destination Management Companies exist on an island. It can be hard to find and connect with colleagues who are not direct competitors, and that simple fact alone can make it very difficult to operate collaboratively, ask legitimate questions, evaluate best practices, or even take the general temperature of the industry.

The good news is you can find a cooperative environment filled with thoroughly qualified and experienced colleagues by joining a DMC association.  For example, the Association of Destination Management Executives International, ADMEI, has a membership base filled with experienced professionals who were once in your same position, but collaboration and information sharing flourishes between ADMEI members because they can easily connect with colleagues that do not compete for the same business. Formed in 1995, ADMEI is the only non-profit association for DMC executives and their staffs and is a powerful advocate for the DMC industry.

ADMEI is not a lead-generating organization or marketing consortium – it is a member driven organization of like-minded individuals and comprises the greatest vault of industry knowledge and experience. Membership comes with a great deal of credibility because ADMEI allows your organization to become an accredited DMC. It is a powerful tool to legitimize your business and appeal to potential clients who appreciate accredited DMCs that follow industry standards.

Several VIPER team members who previously worked within DMCs can easily recall ADMEI benefits. For instance, the ADMEI approved contract can save you countless legal headaches. It has been thoroughly vetted for legal credibility with the time, money, and resources to ensure it will stand up to the powerful legal teams your clients may employ. At VIPER, we strongly encourage our DMC clients to use the ADMEI contract; it’s what the best in the industry use to save time and money.

As mentioned before, ADMEI is all about networking and sharing industry knowledge. We just recently returned from the annual ADMEI conference where you get to meet face to face with fellow industry professionals. There, colleagues can share war stories and best practices while getting a general sense of what is going on in the industry. Since it is not a competitive environment, it is a fun, relaxed way for attendees to work together for the betterment of the DMC industry. Awards are given to recognize industry related achievements and unique programs, and it’s a great opportunity to gather creative program ideas for the next year. Attendees are afforded the chance to see what colleagues are actually experiencing in the real world, as well as how they operate, adapt, and continue to succeed.

After hearing all the benefits, you may still be thinking “ADMEI is just another membership fee that is hard to justify…” Quite the contrary, an ADMEI membership has an impressive ROI. Not only are you putting money directly towards a non-profit association strengthening the DMC industry, but the annual membership fee is a minor investment that will provide invaluable industry knowledge, market exposure, and networking opportunities for you and your DMC.