Who says good outcomes can’t come from bad things? We found more than a few interesting tidbits in this article about how the recent recession has helped to shape the future direction of the meetings and events industry, while paradoxically strengthening it.

MPI Uncovers 'Significant Shifts' in the Meetings Industry

MPI Uncovers ‘Significant Shifts’ in the Meetings IndustryPast Business Barometers recorded the struggle of meeting professionals who have had to change their business models to be proactive. Meeting professionals now report that their efforts to improve the overall quality of planning and execution are paying off.

Significant challenges like budget shortfalls and diminishing lead times created an environment where quality assurance in all aspects of the industry was essential to limit any wasteful spending or loss of potential business. Many people have recognized — as we wholeheartedly support — emergent needs for technology to provide time saving, and ultimately cost saving aid in addition to helping meet modern expectations for engaging, useful technology at events.

We have always felt that quality is the most important factor in any event; the rewards for delivering top-shelf service far outweigh the return from trying to hide a few pennies in the piggybank. Author Matt Alderton stated, “quality control has become ‘embedded’ in meeting planning, as have risk management and technology,” which strongly mirrors our own assertion that these days we all need to be “better, faster, and cheaper.” Just remember that while being faster and cheaper, make sure to emphasize being better.