Tomorrow starts YesterdayThere is quite a lot of grumbling about the future. “The industry is changing,” they bemoan. “It seems lead times are getting shorter and budgets are diminishing each day.” “There are more and more readily available sourcing and organizing tools that seem to be pushing DMCs to the fringes thought.” People want to know how these trends are going to affect our businesses in the future, but there is fatal flaw in that line of thinking: these trends are actually affecting our businesses today.

DMCs have a pressing need to adapt and be ready today, or there frankly won’t be a tomorrow in our industry. With so many tools at people’s fingertips, DMCs need to ask themselves the hard question: “What are we doing that makes working with us so much better?”

A respected colleague of ours recently provided some thoughtful insight.

It’s not a simple answer either. Certainly technology is part of the solution. The very same trends that pose a threat to DMCs offer some of the most comprehensive solutions. Technology already exists to help DMCs work smarter and faster, which is essential to success. Trim down any lag time with clients and make your resources count. If your DMC is selling services with paper and pictures and communicating with email, rest assured your competitors are already making more of an impact with other tools.

This isn’t to say technology is a panacea. It’s only part of the solution, and it’s entirely dependent on how you implement it and use it to your advantage. DMCs need to prove their value today more than ever before, but that should be seen as an opportunity rather than a foreboding forecast. It’s simply that the status quo won’t be enough to sustain businesses in the future. Don’t think about cutting costs; think about maximizing resources. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of doing more with less; simply embrace the opportunity to do more and work smarter.

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