powwow-logoPark City, UT – Mar 1, 2014 – VIP Event Resources (VIPER) has entered into a partnership with Pow Wow Smart (www.powwowsmart.com), a comprehensive technology platform delivering innovative ground transportation solutions for meetings, conferences and events. Combining Viper with Pow Wow Smart gives DMCs and meeting planners access to a robust suite of services that will drastically enhance efficiency and streamline business operations.

“Our goal is to increase efficiency and provide significant cost savings to our clients. We are partnering with VIPER because it helps us achieve that goal,” said Frank Schnur, CMO of Pow Wow Smart. “Pow Wow Smart bulk checks flight info, reduces response times, eliminates errors, and provides multiple cost scenarios for ground transportation. Viper streamlines the sales process and workflow by allowing you to deliver high quality, multimedia-rich, web-based proposals in hours instead of days. By using both technologies, DMCs will see drastic time and cost savings.”

“At VIPER we strive to provide the best event planning experience possible for our clients, and we make it our goal to exceed their expectations,” said Jeff Volmrich, COO of VIPER. “We wanted a trusted technology partner that could help take us to the next level in improving our clients’ overall efficiency as it relates to manifest management and event ground transportation. We found Pow Wow Smart! Quite simply, nobody out there is doing what Pow Wow is doing, and we are proud to be joining forces.”

About Pow Wow Smart

Pow Wow Smart (www.powwowsmart.com) is the comprehensive technology platform that delivers innovative ground transportation solutions for meetings, conferences, and events. Designed for Meeting and Event Planners, our SMART ground travel management applications provide the power to effectively plan, analyze, design, forecast and modify manifests for all types of groups and events. Pow Wow Smart reduces the time and effort to create a budget, submit a proposal, determine vehicle needs, make and modify reservations, and provide pre and post meeting analysis and reporting. Pow Wow Smart fully integrates your approach to event travel, optimizing processes and systems for tracking and managing the ground transportation life cycle.

Save time, save money, transform travel, dynamically deliver powerful meeting experiences the SMART way.


Viper (http://www.vipeventresources.com) is a revolutionary software platform designed for companies in the meeting and events industry. Viper streamlines the sales process and workflow, allowing you to improve business efficiency and transparency, provide unparalleled service to your clients, and produce better programs, faster.

Viper’s integrated CRM, proposal building tools, and program analytics offer a serious competitive advantage, allowing you to deliver high quality, multimedia-rich, web-based proposals in hours instead of days. All of this is packaged into an intuitive experience — we firmly believe in developing software solutions that are not only effective, but also easy to use.

With Viper, there is nothing to install. Just point a web browser to your company’s cloud-based Viper portal, and behold efficiency at your fingertips!