shutterstock_143657227-300x200Look, you know that’s a great hotel you run. I know it’s a great hotel. But what about the potential clients looking into your hotel from hundreds or thousands of miles away? They’re only getting a snapshot of what you’re all about, and they’re equal parts emotional and rational decision makers. This is to imply that how you say something is just as important as what you say. It’s time you take charge of your identity, and take an active role in buying decisions.

It’s crucial to resonate with people. In fact, people act on emotional motivations so fervently that people will cling to whatever justification they can to rationalize whatever decision they’ve already made. And there’s some pretty good research backing up the idea that using new media influences sales in a big way.


This brings us to the concept of media-rich content. Sure, those words get thrown about in market trend clichés, but there’s real power behind the idea. If people make purchasing decisions based on how they feel when something is presented to them, don’t you think you’d better package everything up nicely and show it off? Content rich in images and video consistently generates up to 45% more engagement with audiences. Engagement means more time viewing your materials, and more time equates to stronger and more emotional connections.

It’s not hard to imagine why. Say your hotel boasts a beautiful beachside location. What is going to make a real impact on you as a client? Here’s an exercise with two options.

1)    This description: A gorgeous beachside setting where the indigo evening sky and the soothing ocean sounds take you light years away from your everyday responsibilities.

2)    Or this picture:


Clunky — I mean terrific prose aside, it’s probably the photograph. And that’s just an out of context piece of stock photography. Imagine your sales materials with the type of depth and content to engage and emotionally influence your audience. You’re going to inspire a lot more people with tools that represent the visceral sensations of your setting.

People are already cashing in by using media-rich content to influence their audiences, and there are tools available to help position your business well in a market that is rapidly becoming more modern; you’ve got to go after those millennials these days: “It’s a very forward generation, and they are tech-dependent. They depend on technology like it’s the center of their lives, so the experiences that we create have to incorporate it, and have two-way dialogues.”

 If you’re interested in seeing some solutions to help your business, give Hooklu a look. It’s never been easier to set your self apart, innovate and start doing things differently.

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