There's a new VIPER this new year. Click Here to take the tour.

There’s a new VIPER this new year. Click Here to take the tour.

The calendar is getting ready to turn yet again. The DMC world is changing, and it’s time to take stock of how DMCs can position themselves for success in the future. The hard truth is that vaults of local knowledge, wonderful supplier relationships and an outstanding destination aren’t enough to grow business by themselves. The keys to success exist in the myriad small ways DMCs differentiate themselves from the competition and continually strive to improve the way they do business, both internally and with clients.

Sooner or later every business is faced with the decision to stand by and continue along with the status quo or to do something radical and become an active participant in achieving more. More and more DMCs are choosing the latter by taking steps to implement technology and modernize business to sell and operate more efficiently while providing clients with a far better experience than ever before.

At VIPER, we’ve been building the tools DMCs need to keep pace in an industry where the innovators are the ones getting ahead. The technology is already available to streamline the entire DMC workflow. With online proposal delivery and a cloud-based content library, DMCs can provide clients with the highest quality, consistent, media-rich proposals far faster than the competition. And with detailed proposal analytics, salespeople have real-time visibility into what matters to clients, and they’ll receive notifications the moment clients view proposals.

The Power to Effectively Manage Vendors

The Power to Effectively Manage Vendors

We’ve built a VIPER Virtual Tour to give you an overview of how VIPER software enhances the ways DMCs operate and manage client relationships. Click Here to take the tour now.

It’s a new year. Technology is here to help position your DMC for success now and into the future. Contact us and see what VIPER can do for your business today.