DMC content is king. You hear it all the time, DMCs love to say it, and it’s undeniably true. But it feels like sometime people are merely talking the talk. We think it’s time to walk the walk.

We’ll admit we agree with the sentiment, but adhering to the mantra means more than simply slapping a few pretty pictures into a word document and sending it out. Capitalizing on the concept even goes beyond integrating multimedia into your proposals. Content may be king, but getting yours to rule means effectively managing your DMC’s mountain of content by keeping offerings and pricing up to date in addition to delivering engaging, impactful proposals.

At VIPER, we make the tools to specifically meet the challenges DMCs face, and that includes comprehensive content management. VIPER’s DMC Software features built in reporting tools that help ensure all your content and pricing information is up-to-date, easily sortable, and intuitively managed.

Some of VIPER’s Content Reports Include:

  • Content History: See when any item was created and when it was last updated
  • Needs Review Report: Lists any items that have not been reviewed in the last 6 months. Update as needed or mark as reviewed from one place
  • Product Pricing Report: Lists all product pricing in a convenient, easy to sort location
  • Empty Pricing and Description Report: See all items that are in need of either pricing or a description, to ensure new content is complete and up to date

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.56.33 pm

All those reporting tools serve to help keep content fresh and current while eliminating costly errors. Add that to VIPER’s industry leading proposal delivery system, and your DMC has the tools to make a serious impact with your content.

VIPER’s Proposal Features:

  • Integrated HD Video and Full-Screen Image Galleries and Slideshows
  • Web Based Electronic Proposals that allow you to collaborate with clients in real time
  • Instantaneous 1-click publishing


Content is king, so do something about it that puts your DMC in the throne. Take a look at the video below for more information, and give us a call when you’re ready to take your DMC content to the next level.