Summer may be winding down, but we’ve got some exciting new functionality to keep you busy through the colder months, because VIPER’s costing is more powerful than ever. DMCs can now manage and track breakage and commissions for enhanced accuracy and control with your spend and profit.

Manage Breakage

Our latest functionality enables DMCs to manage breakage by tracking selling quantities to clients and the actual quantities purchased from vendors. With tighter and tighter profit margins on programs these days, it’s increasingly important for DMCs to maximize the difference between the selling units to clients and the actual units purchased from vendors through well-established vendor relationships, negotiations, and optimal program operation.

Track Commissions

VIPER’s new commission tracking gives DMCs the ability to integrate 3rd party commissions right in the costing. This provides immediate and accurate clarity to your profit numbers, and ensures all your business metrics and analytics are up to date and reflecting what’s really happening.

There’s a lot more going on at VIPER that we’d love to show you. Join us for a personalized, live demo when you’re ready to learn more.