It’s easier than ever to get up and running on VIPER, and we’re encouraging as many DMCs as possible to take the challenge and start using technology in the New Year.

It gets busy running a DMC, so the thought of adding technology to your workflow can be daunting, no matter how much time it will save you down the line. We’ve refined the VIPER deployment process to help you hit the ground running with VIPER fast, and we’re offering the chance for you to try RISK FREE!

If you aren’t satisfied and want to discontinue use in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your entire installation fee without penalty. But we’re pretty confident once you’ve seen what VIPER can do you won’t be able to imagine working without it.

New Features for the New Year

We’ve got a lot of new features to show you as well. Expanded costing functionality helps manage breakage and track commissions while enhanced proposal building tools make it easier to track program changes and switch between proposal versions. Check out our homepage for an overview of VIPER’s functionality, and schedule a demo with us at any time to see VIPER in action.