Managing provider relationships is one of the most important tasks in running a successful DMC, and it’s certainly one of the most time-consuming and complicated parts of the job. But thanks to VIPER’s Provider Management Tools, it doesn’t have to be.

You’ve probably caught some bits and pieces about our Provider Management Tools as we’ve released them over the past year, but we’ve included the highlights of new provider functionality below in case you missed it.

  • Link Providers to any product in your content library and every line item in a program costing
  • Track the status of every provider in a program based on color-coded statuses, from Courtesy Hold through Contracting through Reconciliation
  • View and manage pricing and margins for every provider in a program
  • Filter costing line items based on provider status, event, or product classification
  • See quantity shortages at a glance for every costing line item
  • Set payment schedules and notifications to manage billing and payment for every provider
  • Use Provider Reports to view Courtesy Holds and Schedules across all providers and programs
  • NEW Costing features allow you to build custom products and packages easier than ever!

There’s even more Provider Management Functionality coming on the horizon so get started soon to take advantage when new tools are available. Remember, you can get started with VIPER Risk Free for 2017, and you can schedule a personalized demo at any time to see VIPER in action.