New Profit & Loss Reports

The Cost Management Revolution continues! VIPER’s Costing delivers industry-leading efficiency, transparency and accuracy, but our team is committed to delivering what DMCs are looking for. That’s why we’re introducing new Profit and Loss Reports to make VIPER’s budget tools more complete than ever.

Looking over financial data points AFTER a program operates is often too late to correct budgeting mistakes and oversights. VIPER gives you the important financial metrics needed to better manage programs in stride BEFORE it’s too late to recoup your target profit.

Key P&L Report Benefits

  • View a summary of high level financial metrics that are typically only available to Accounting staff
  • Get transparency into the cash flow of a given program, so you know where you stand on payables and receivables
  • Quickly compare initial Estimated Values to Projected Values and Actual Values
  • See Costing breakdown by classification (i.e. Transportation, Staffing, Activities), so you know where you’re making money and where you’re barely scraping a profit

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