We’re right in the middle of Q3 and speeding towards 2019. Group travel, corporate meetings, events and incentive programs are booming, and the forecasts don’t show any sign of a slowdown. It’s all systems go in DMC Industry, but that doesn’t mean everybody will stay ahead. A single Google search reveals more and more event planning tools are available at people’s fingertips, so it’s incumbent on DMCs to adapt and stay ahead of the market.

DMCs Need to be on the Cutting Edge

We all understand the vital importance DMCs play in group travel and event planning. No amount of technology will every replace the local knowledge, connections and experience that makes for the perfect event. But that doesn’t mean DMCs can rest on their laurels. Even as the market thrives and total spends increase, margins are shrinking as readily available pricing, location, venue, accommodation, leisure and activity information disseminates freely online. DMCs don’t need to fear technology, but instead should seize the opportunity technology offers.

DMCs need to take advantage of the Technology at our fingertips

The DMC Technology

At VIPER, we’re committed to DMC success. We were born from a DMC, and everything we’ve done in our history has been aimed at helping DMCs become the best versions of themselves. We’ve spearheaded an integrated end-to-end solution for DMCs to deliver better programs, more efficiently than ever before. Technology isn’t going to replace DMCs, but how it’s used is going to be a big factor in which ones prosper in the future. We’ve bet big on DMCs, and the more companies that see our app the more partners we’re honored to work with. Whether it’s VIPER’s flagship electronic proposal delivery, comprehensive DMC-specific costing, purpose-built databases, on-demand reporting or streamlined program management, VIPER has something to help your DMC flourish. Be part of the revolution.

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