New Reporting Tools for Event Management

Enhance Event Management with New Reporting Tools!

We’re always looking for ways to enhance event and resource management, and our new Program Events Report is a great tool for the job! It’s an easy-to-use planning tool to see what you have on your calendar and make sure you’re geared up to deliver the best every time.

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More Provider Management Functionality is Here!

We’re in the business of pushing DMC Technology with the tools our industry needs, and we keep hearing from VIPER users just how helpful our provider management tools have been. So now we’ve added even more to the mix! Our enhanced provider functionality makes it easier than ever to manage statuses and track payments.

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VIP Event Resources reaches agreement with Maritz Travel to use VIPER Software

Park City, UT – April 2015 – VIP Event Resources has reached an agreement with Maritz Travel to use VIPER Software.

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Introducing the Global Content Library for DMCs


We’re proud to introduce VIPER’s new Global Content Library. VIPER has long aimed to streamline the way organizations do business by introducing efficiencies to the workflow and enabling collaboration between team members regardless of their location. The Global Content Library furthers this aim by facilitating unparalleled cooperation across organizations with multiple offices and/or destinations, allowing them to share key content across offices while maintaining individual branding.

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Provider Management for DMCs is Here!

Rejoice, DMCs, for automated Provider Management is here! VIPER’s new Provider Functionality gives users extensive control when managing providers for programs. With these new tools you can now manage all your providers on a per-program basis. See a list of all providers for a given program, including contact information, addresses, websites, etc. Link all your providers — including vendors and hotels — directly to any line item in a program’s costing. Track provider statuses; as you place provider holds and confirmations, you’ll be able to quickly see the variances between your client costing pricing/quantities and your confirmed provider pricing/quantities. Manage pricing and margins for every provider in a program.

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Notes Tools for DMCs: Collaborate, Stay Organized, Wow Clients

DMCs know all too well how important it is to accommodate client requests and how difficult it can be remember and implement them, especially when collaborating with on a program. VIPER is taking the sting out of staying on the same page with clients and colleagues thanks to internal Notes Functionality throughout the program. If you’ve ever had multiple people involved on a program, then VIPER has the tools to make a serious impact on efficiency and accuracy for your DMC.

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Contract, Billing & Payment Management Made Easy

We know how challenging it can be for DMCs to manage contracts, billing cycles and payment schedules. It’s a time consuming process that involves a lot of cutting and pasting, cross referencing, calculators, calendars, and more elbow grease than we were willing to accept. So VIPER built the solutions to revolutionize contract, billing and payment management for DMCs.

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DMC Content is King: Who’s ruling your destination?

DMC content is king. You hear it all the time, DMCs love to say it, and it’s undeniably true. But it feels like sometime people are merely talking the talk. We think it’s time to walk the walk.

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Position your DMC for success in the new year

There’s a new VIPER this new year. Click Here to take the tour.

The calendar is getting ready to turn yet again. The DMC world is changing, and it’s time to take stock of how DMCs can position themselves for success in the future. The hard truth is that vaults of local knowledge, wonderful supplier relationships and an outstanding destination aren’t enough to grow business by themselves. The keys to success exist in the myriad small ways DMCs differentiate themselves from the competition and continually strive to improve the way they do business, both internally and with clients.

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Welcome to Vendor Management for DMCs

At VIPER, we’re always on the cutting edge to deliver the innovative tools DMCs need most. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce new functionality enabling Vendor Management for DMCs. These new features deliver massive time savings when it comes to juggling your vendors and hotels.

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