VIPER Named Among Most Promising Travel and Hospitality Technology

VIPER was honored to be named among the top 20 Technology Solutions for the Travel and Hospitality Industry by CIO Review. CIO Review was drawn to both VIPER's established place in the DMC industry as well as the new and innovative features that will provide unparalleled utility and efficiency for DMCs, meeting planners, MICE companies and more.
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New DMC Reporting Tools for Spring

It’s springtime, which means the return of warm weather, and of course some new reporting tools from VIPER! Reporting tools might not be on your radar as the most revolutionary functionality, but these new reports make it easier than ever to see into your pipeline and make informed business decisions. In other words, it’s the nuts and bolts you need to help your DMC thrive.

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Revolutionary Provider Management Tools for DMCs

Managing provider relationships is one of the most important tasks in running a successful DMC, and it’s certainly one of the most time-consuming and complicated parts of the job. But thanks to VIPER’s Provider Management Tools, it doesn’t have to be.

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Elevate your DMC for 2017: Try VIPER Risk Free for 30 Days

It’s easier than ever to get up and running on VIPER, and we’re encouraging as many DMCs as possible to take the challenge and start using technology in the New Year.

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Powerful Costing Tools: Track Commissions and Manage Breakage

Summer may be winding down, but we’ve got some exciting new functionality to keep you busy through the colder months, because VIPER’s costing is more powerful than ever. DMCs can now manage and track breakage and commissions for enhanced accuracy and control with your spend and profit.

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Active Proposal Snapshots for DMCs

VIPER’s new Proposal Snapshot tools give you the ability to make any version of your proposal the Active Version! You could already take snapshots of each version of a proposal as you made changes for an upcoming program, but those were mostly for your records and reference. Today, you can make any proposal snapshot (version) the live version you’re using with clients, and it takes just a single click.

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New Reporting Tools for Event Management

Enhance Event Management with New Reporting Tools!

We’re always looking for ways to enhance event and resource management, and our new Program Events Report is a great tool for the job! It’s an easy-to-use planning tool to see what you have on your calendar and make sure you’re geared up to deliver the best every time.

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More Provider Management Functionality is Here!

We’re in the business of pushing DMC Technology with the tools our industry needs, and we keep hearing from VIPER users just how helpful our provider management tools have been. So now we’ve added even more to the mix! Our enhanced provider functionality makes it easier than ever to manage statuses and track payments.

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VIP Event Resources reaches agreement with Maritz Travel to use VIPER Software

Park City, UT – April 2015 – VIP Event Resources has reached an agreement with Maritz Travel to use VIPER Software.

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Introducing the Global Content Library for DMCs


We’re proud to introduce VIPER’s new Global Content Library. VIPER has long aimed to streamline the way organizations do business by introducing efficiencies to the workflow and enabling collaboration between team members regardless of their location. The Global Content Library furthers this aim by facilitating unparalleled cooperation across organizations with multiple offices and/or destinations, allowing them to share key content across offices while maintaining individual branding.

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