Mobile-Friendly DMC Technology with Integrated Support

VIPER is going mobile! Mobile functionality is becoming increasingly essential in our industry, and VIPER’s latest developments ensure the app is leading the way for mobile DMC technology. VIPER has undergone a facelift to make sure everything—from your customer-facing client site to your internal proposal and costing pages—is mobile friendly for use on the go.

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Introducing the Global Content Library for DMCs

  We’re proud to introduce VIPER’s new Global Content Library. VIPER has long aimed to streamline the way organizations do business by introducing efficiencies to the workflow and enabling collaboration between team members regardless of their location. The Global Content Library furthers this aim by facilitating unparalleled cooperation across organizations with multiple offices and/or destinations,

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Planning for tomorrow starts yesterday.

There is quite a lot of grumbling about the future. “The industry is changing,” they bemoan. “It seems lead times are getting shorter and budgets are diminishing each day.” “There are more and more readily available sourcing and organizing tools that seem to be pushing DMCs to the fringes thought.” People want to know how

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You’re an Expert, so be One.

You’ve heard the age old phrases “more is not always better” and “quality over quantity.” As the destination and events industry continues to modernize, 100-page (or even 50 page) proposals aren’t going to impress anybody because people don’t have time to spend a whole day sifting through something that could be conveyed effectively using far

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