Mobile-Friendly DMC Technology with Integrated Support

VIPER is going mobile! Mobile functionality is becoming increasingly essential in our industry, and VIPER’s latest developments ensure the app is leading the way for mobile DMC technology. VIPER has undergone a facelift to make sure everything—from your customer-facing client site to your internal proposal and costing pages—is mobile friendly for use on the go.

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Powerful Costing Tools: Track Commissions and Manage Breakage

Summer may be winding down, but we’ve got some exciting new functionality to keep you busy through the colder months, because VIPER’s costing is more powerful than ever. DMCs can now manage and track breakage and commissions for enhanced accuracy and control with your spend and profit.

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VIP Event Resources reaches agreement with Maritz Travel to use VIPER Software

Park City, UT – April 2015 – VIP Event Resources has reached an agreement with Maritz Travel to use VIPER Software.

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How much is efficiency worth to your DMC?

Redefine what efficiency means to your DMC.

How does your DMC measure time? Is it in the amount of business you do? What about in operating costs such as payroll? How about in growth and opportunity? Whatever metric you use, it’s likely you sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. Nobody can create time out of thin air, but there are things you can do to get more out of every available minute and maximize your DMC efficiency. What you do with the time you have is entirely up to you.

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VIPER enters partnership with Pow Wow Smart

Park City, UT – Mar 1, 2014 – VIP Event Resources (VIPER) has entered into a partnership with Pow Wow Smart (www.powwowsmart.com), a comprehensive technology platform delivering innovative ground transportation solutions for meetings, conferences and events. Combining Viper with Pow Wow Smart gives DMCs and meeting planners access to a robust suite of services that will drastically enhance efficiency and streamline business operations.

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Planning for tomorrow starts yesterday.

There is quite a lot of grumbling about the future. “The industry is changing,” they bemoan. “It seems lead times are getting shorter and budgets are diminishing each day.” “There are more and more readily available sourcing and organizing tools that seem to be pushing DMCs to the fringes thought.” People want to know how these trends are going to affect our businesses in the future, but there is fatal flaw in that line of thinking: these trends are actually affecting our businesses today.

DMCs have a pressing need to adapt and be ready today, or there frankly won’t be a tomorrow in our industry. With so many tools at people’s fingertips, DMCs need to ask themselves the hard question: “What are we doing that makes working with us so much better?”

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Analytics: More powerful than you’d dare believe

Analytics may not sound like an overly stimulating concept. Truthfully, it probably makes you cringe with thoughts of boredom associated with poring over stacks of Excel files while meticulously analyzing and interpreting data.

Good news folks, there are now machines that do the vast majority of the analyzing for you. Computers are capable of collecting and organizing avalanches of data in just seconds that used to take years of observation, survey and polling to acquire.

“Who cares?” you may be thinking. Well, you should care; data is worth more than its weight in gold these days. It goes well beyond business clichés and buzzwords, because analytics give you a real-time look into what effect your communications, products, people, business practices, etc. are having on customers. Essentially, the right analytics tools mean you won’t be left wondering which part of your budget or which hours of your day are effective and which ones are a being wasted.

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The Recession Wasn’t ALL Bad…

Who says good outcomes can’t come from bad things? We found more than a few interesting tidbits in this article about how the recent recession has helped to shape the future direction of the meetings and events industry, while paradoxically strengthening it.

MPI Uncovers ‘Significant Shifts’ in the Meetings IndustryPast Business Barometers recorded the struggle of

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You’re an Expert, so be One.

You’ve heard the age old phrases “more is not always better” and “quality over quantity.” As the destination and events industry continues to modernize, 100-page (or even 50 page) proposals aren’t going to impress anybody because people don’t have time to spend a whole day sifting through something that could be conveyed effectively using far less words and fewer pieces of paper. There’s no reason you need to spend the time it takes to tediously produce such giant documents, and nobody wants to read through such a vast maze of content anyways.

Enormous proposals convey to clients that you don’t care about their time, and they tend to dilute the client’s perception of your expertise. Why further cloud what is often an overwhelmingly complex landscape for potential clients to navigate? Don’t go and offer 15 different mediocre catering options when you can tell them about three exceptional ones that best fit their needs. You are an expert, so your recommendations should reflect that.

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Technology Predictions for 2013

It’s only February but 2013 is already well underway. The significance of technology and social media in the meetings and events industry is accelerating at an unprecedented pace.

Corbin Ball posted a great article about the direction in which technology is taking the meetings and events industry. It’s full of thoughtful and insightful points that anticipate where trends are going and elaborate on how businesses need to react to capitalize on these trends.

Corbin Ball Associates | 13 Meetings Technology Predictions for 2013http://www.corbinball.com/articles_technology/index.cfm?fuseaction=cor_av&artID=9020

Of particular interest was Corbin’s analysis of how social media continues to emerge as an increasingly influential tool for both meeting planning and engaging meeting attendees. Social media tools can be used to personalize experiences in unparalleled ways and gather invaluable feedback in unprecedentedly short periods of time. Suffice it to say social media influence is growing, and its use is essential for any business looking to stay up-to-date.

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