Mobile-Friendly DMC Technology with Integrated Support

VIPER is going mobile! Mobile functionality is becoming increasingly essential in our industry, and VIPER’s latest developments ensure the app is leading the way for mobile DMC technology. VIPER has undergone a facelift to make sure everything—from your customer-facing client site to your internal proposal and costing pages—is mobile friendly for use on the go.

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New Reporting Tools for Event Management

Enhance Event Management with New Reporting Tools!

We’re always looking for ways to enhance event and resource management, and our new Program Events Report is a great tool for the job! It’s an easy-to-use planning tool to see what you have on your calendar and make sure you’re geared up to deliver the best every time.

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Analytics: More powerful than you’d dare believe

Analytics may not sound like an overly stimulating concept. Truthfully, it probably makes you cringe with thoughts of boredom associated with poring over stacks of Excel files while meticulously analyzing and interpreting data.

Good news folks, there are now machines that do the vast majority of the analyzing for you. Computers are capable of collecting and organizing avalanches of data in just seconds that used to take years of observation, survey and polling to acquire.

“Who cares?” you may be thinking. Well, you should care; data is worth more than its weight in gold these days. It goes well beyond business clichés and buzzwords, because analytics give you a real-time look into what effect your communications, products, people, business practices, etc. are having on customers. Essentially, the right analytics tools mean you won’t be left wondering which part of your budget or which hours of your day are effective and which ones are a being wasted.

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Time is Precious, Use it Wisely

Let’s face it, we all need more time. Trouble is we can’t save it up and use it when we need to, so we have to manage it the best we can. You can write yourself notes, adhere to strict schedules, or try to make do by stretching yourself thin, but there are better ways to deal with that ticking clock.

Nothing will replace the nuts and bolts of building relationships, running quality site inspections, doing research, and pounding the pavement — all of which are essential to running a successful DMC or any other entity involved in group travel. These are the vital components that make up the foundation of any customer-centric business that aims to flourish. They take real charisma, charm, energy, and effort, and they certainly demand significant human capital.

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Boost Your Image

Believe it or not, the destination management business isn’t always the most progressive or modernized industry out there. The days of typing out 50-page proposals and dropping them in the mailbox with VHS tapes for potential clients aren’t that far in the rear view. The fact is, professionals in all types of industries are making great leaps forward, and it’s time for DMCs, full-service resorts, and other companies involved in group travel events to do so as well.

But there’s opportunity growing from the stagnant corporate culture. The absence of widespread innovation leaves ample room for businesses to break through the noise and emerge as cutting edge organizations. A thorough revamp of a company’s image is one of the surest ways to gain a competitive advantage. This isn’t to say that all aspects of the status quo are archaic, but a huge part of working on the leading edge of the industry is looking the part.

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Blog Relaunch

VIP Event Resources, the team behind the industry leading destination management software VIPER, is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our blog. We will be regularly adding exciting and informative content about relevant industry news, VIPER product information and suggestions, and tips to help your business thrive within the evolving paradigm of the destination management

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How an Industry Leader Discovered VIPER

Technology for DMCs: 
How Ovation found VIPER

As many of you know, VIPER began its humble roots within a DMC in Park City, UT.  That DMC still operates today and directly credits VIPER for winning them business time and time again.  However, it was Ovation, one of the world’s largest DMCs, that truly gave “wings” to VIPER and we began to soar.  Padraic Gilligan of Ovation believed in VIPER back in 2009 and continues to do so today.  He recently wrote about how Ovation found VIPER and simultaneously became our first and largest client:

“DMC activity involves multi-tasking more than any other aspect of the events business. Most of us bid for future business while simultaneously delivering live events. We have one eye on the future, another on the present and frequently need to gaze into the past too as we reconcile and close previous events. Since the internet revolution many of us have been dreaming of an IT solution that might pull all these disparate elements together. This is the story of how Ovation found a solution.

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Segmenting your customers by the computer they use

There’s been a bit of a kerfuffle over the past few days about Orbitz “charging Mac users more for hotels,” which turned out to be a total mischaracterization (as ably detailed in this post at the View from the Wing blog). In short, Orbitz has used data showing that Mac users tended to prefer higher-end hotels, so when the site displays the suggested hotels, it tends toward the nicer ones for Mac users. When it comes to personalization and use of technology, this is actually a pretty low-tech example. Companies like Google and the various ad networks are using much more sophisticated data gathering to try to ensure that the search results and the ads you see are custom-tailored to your profile, the better to serve (and to sell to you).

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The upcoming VIPER surveys beta test

While we’ve been creating eventRFP and rolling out a substantial new VIPER release (coming soon), we’ve also been cooking up something new in the VIPER kitchen: surveys. We know that people across the meetings and events industry are always keen on getting feedback on their events, and for years, we’ve used a variety of tools, many of them free, to collect survey results. But while tools like Surveymonkey have become more feature-rich, their free offerings have become more stingy. Nowadays, if you want to send a survey to more than 100 people or want to ask more than ten questions, you’ll have to pay $200 per year. We thought that meetings and events industry people should be able to send out the occasional post-event survey, with no limitations on respondents or questions, for free.

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Lots of stuff happening

As we launch our new blog, we’re starting what’s probably going to be the most exciting, action-packed two months in VIPER history. More information will be coming out in the next few weeks, but here’s a preview of coming attractions:

A new operations module, which allows VIPER users to save the sales version of their narrative

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